Galantine "Quail In The Duck" Recipe + Photo Steps

Ingredients for 8 person

The main

duck - 2000 g pork - 330 g beef - 330 g pig tongue - 150 g smoked brisket - 250 g beef liver - 100 g leek - 3 stems sun-dried tomatoes in oil - 60 g olives - 120 g pistachios - 50 g quail - 1 carcass fenugreek seeds - 1 pinch marjoram - 2 pinches dried basil - 3 pinches salt - 1 tbsp. pepper - 5 pinch cognac - 200 ml fat - 35 g capers - 4 tsp gelatin - 25 g parsnip - 10 g


cream - 120 g egg - 1 piece flour - 40 g
Nutrition facts
  • 1435 calories
  • 120 g fat
  • 21 g carbs
  • 67 g protein

Prepare the products. We choose the duck without damaging the skins, neatly scorched, preferably unfrozen. I was going to cook a goose, but something went wrong - the bird was so actively processed that the skin on the ridge and paws stuck to the bones, plus the goose was bought in advance, it was frozen, do not repeat my mistake, the goose bird, of course, will be cooked in another way, but not suitable for stuffing. I will try to describe the cutting of the bird. In the recipe for Autumn Galantine, the cut was made on the breast - the breast is more accurately preserved, but the skin on the ridge can break. This time, the main incision is along the breast. So, we separate the fork, scroll the wings, determine the place of articulation with the fork and cut it. We pull the skin stocking from the wings. We make an incision along the breast. You can first trim the breast a little, then work out the wings.

Remove the skin, cut the veins, pull the skin to its paws. Similarly, we remove the skin from the paws with the stocking, we cut the ends of the bones. It turns out the skin and meat on the bone. Cut breasts, fillets from paws and shoulder blades. We cut the breast along to get thin layers of meat. Pickle and skin marinate in cognac. Cook the broth from the bones. Boil the tongue. Cut pieces of meat from the skeleton.

Cook the filling, cut the leek, simmer lightly. We make fat. We fry the liver for 7 minutes on it. Pour a glass of cognac and set it on fire. Grind the leek, liver, add herbs: marjoram, spices, capers (in the photo there is a triple portion of the filling, the recipe was created and adjusted in the process). At this point, a Kenwood chopper would come in handy.

Mix the minced meat. Similarly to a duck, we clean the quail from the bones. We take out the fork, remove the skin from the legs and wings, take out the skeleton, only the meat is left on the skin. We start quail with minced meat, put capers inside - 1-2 teaspoons, quail with “spicy eggs”. Wrap the bird in a film and freeze to maintain shape.

Cooking dressing and filling components. Mix the egg and flour, heat the cream, pour 1 spoon into the flour mixture, mix and put the mixture into the cream, mix and set to heat until thickened. Let cool. While the cream is heated, and then the mixture cools, we cut the sun-dried tomatoes, olives, boiled tongue. Pistachios are poured with boiling water, cleaned (in the recipe the weight of pistachios with a shell, pure - 20–25 grams).

We combine the minced meat (I have freshly twisted beef and pork), tongue, olives, pieces of meat from the skeleton, tomatoes, thickener, pistachios. Grind fenugreek and basil in a mortar or with the help of a Kenwood multi chopper. Mix thoroughly, but quickly. While cooking, put the bowl with minced meat on ice or cold water. All components must be cold. We spread the pickled skin on the film, salt, pepper, beat the fillet, put it on the skin. This time so successfully removed the meat, and the duck was not with a thick, but with an elongated breast (athlete), so that the small fillets were not involved. We cover the duck meat with a film, beat it off again and press it to the skin. Salt, pepper. Remove the film, spread a thin layer of minced meat. Stuffing - brisket.

Another layer of minced meat. In the middle we put a quail. We close galantine with a film, put galantine on gauze or cloth, remove the film, pierce the skin with a needle, tightly wrap the bird. Tighten the ends, tie, you can still tie strips of gauze. We put galantine on a baking sheet with broth with leek and roots (I have dried parsnip). We pour one liter of broth for jelly or prepare the broth on a quail skeleton. We set at 150 ° C for 2.5-3.5 hours. If there is a large pan, cook at 70 ° C for 1.5 hours. Let galantine cool in the liquid. And put it under the press in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Filter the broth, add the gelatin. We take galantine, remove the cheesecloth, wipe off the fat and put the galantine on a wire rack. You can make the first cuts on both sides. I had a skin cut from one edge to a bone cut, and the galantine was trimmed along it. We come up with a drawing, lay out the decoration and fill in the jelly, put it in the refrigerator - and so on several times.

I got two tears of the skin during cooking - there were too many fillings) I beat them in the design - I got bumps on the decorated spruce branch and a clock made of cucumber. “Decor elements” are not indicated in the components - this is thinly sliced ​​leek, sun-dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, a circle of cucumber. Bon Appetit!


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