Homemade Meat For Slicing "The Long Road" Recipe + Photo Steps

Ingredients for 8 person

The main

beef - 1 ½ kg bulb onions - 4 heads garlic - 2 heads carrot - 2 pieces sweet red pepper - 1 piece coarse salt - to taste black peppercorns - to taste dry herbs - to taste red paprika - 3 tbsp. dry red wine - 400 g lemons - 2 pieces smoked brisket - 50 g fat - 50 g
Nutrition facts
  • 529 calories
  • 33 g fat
  • 12 g carbs
  • 39 g protein

In order not to bore long tales along each step, but to be brief and as informative as possible in the text to the photographs, we systematize and break up the entire chain of steps into category stages. The essence, in fact, is simple. The first stage - we stuff the meat with garlic, carrots, red pepper, bacon-brisket and pickle in a mixture of crushed onions with salt, sugar and black pepper (an hour). Stage two - add the juice of one large lemon with seeds to the marinade and still stand for an hour. The third stage - add dry red wine to the marinade and stand for 3-4 hours. Stage four - bake the meat in the oven over the highest heat for about 30 minutes, turning over, and again lower it into the same marinade. Repeat steps 3 and 4 twice with a little manipulation (after the first baking, add salt, sugar and the juice of another large lemon, whoever wants, maybe a spoonful of vinegar). The penultimate, 5th stage - we pack the meat in a waterproof shell and simmer for 3 hours in a boiling water bath. Finally, the last, sixth stage - sprinkle every piece of almost finished meat after languishing in a water bath with dry herbs, crushed pepper, paprika, suneli hops (which the soul asks for), tightly wrap it in parchment and solemnly (this is important, with pomp) "Ripen" in the refrigerator for the night. I give you my word of honor - if you did all this on Saturday-Sunday, then Monday's breakfast and the whole week (or even two) will be colorful, positive. Perhaps something will change in your life with these “fragrant pieces” for the better :) Maybe not or not so right away, but you will spend an unforgettable “rest in the kitchen” :) By the way, the “discreteness” of photoshoots is what can be further and not read at all, just “see a fairy tale filmstrip”. Honestly, the tireless and inevitable passage of time makes us detail recipe entries, so you won’t forget yourself. So, even though there will be a lot of steps, we will try a little further on :) We will proceed ...

Let us look around the main components. We take meat without fat, veins, cut it so that then in the finished product we cut across the fibers, then everything we stuff with each piece will look very elegant in the cut.

Salo (brisket) was cut into slices and for a while in the freezer, so it will be convenient for them to stuff meat. By the way, if one of the family does not like with fat, of course, it is possible without bacon, although it is more satisfying and aromatic.

Prepared vegetables for shpigi. Garlic - with cloves, if a large tooth - along it in half. Carrots - in half rings. Red pepper - how come :)

Well, let's go. An incision with a knife, garlic handles a clove inward, if possible push it deeper. Also, carrots are half a ring. And pepper is a red slice side by side.

So the whole side of a piece of meat was stuffed, somehow, by its own intuition, alternating these three components - garlic, carrots and bell peppers. We turned a piece of meat 90 degrees along the longitudinal axis (we always weighed in cuts along the fibers) and on the adjacent side with freshly stuffed vegetables we stuffed with slices of bacon. So from all four sides along the fibers they were stuffed mixed with vegetables and brisket.

Onions (two onions from 4) finely chopped. They put it in a saucepan and thoroughly crushed it so that the juice is empty. And you are tears of joy :) Yes. The pan must first be picked up (or the meat to the pan) so that all the pieces on the bottom lie down tightly. As they rummaged, they leveled the onions along the bottom. Salt, sugar, pepper crushed onion. And carefully lay the first piece, stuffed and squeezed by hands. In the same way, we stuff all the pieces of meat, squeeze them with our hands and lay them tightly on a cushion of crushed onions with salt, sugar and pepper. On top of the meat was also sprinkled with a sufficient amount of coarse salt, sugar and fresh crushed black pepper peas. We admired;) If there is anything left of the baking sheet for shtigovaniye, do not throw it away - a sin, there, in a saucepan for meat.

The second two onions were chopped and mashed thoroughly with their hands. They sprinkled meat on them. Very tightly pressed over the entire area everything that is currently in the saucepan. They tightly covered the lid, and let it stand like that for an hour. Will breathe.

We’ll continue in an hour. We cut one large lemon into large slices and squeeze the juice together with the seeds into the marinade. We admired, breathed onion and lemon freshness. They closed the lid and let it stand for another hour. Now citric acid will start its business with meat in the marinade.

An hour later they returned to the saucepan and poured red dry wine. First, so as to slightly hide the meat. With a knife, they carefully moved the tight space between the pieces of meat so that the wine filled all the voids. So it will leave the surface. Then add so that the entire contents of the saucepan is slightly covered. They covered it with a lid, and let it stand for 2-3 hours at room temperature (like everything until now), saturated with aromas of wine. Here, the process of dehydration of meat will begin (wine with citric acid). Visually, it will begin to contract slightly into denser pieces. Holes from shpigovaniya will gradually decrease in size. In general, let it stand, three hours for the first time - just right.

I almost forgot the most important thing. How could. It’s necessary to take a funny picture. and a glass of wine, if nothing contradicts anything and nobody, is obligatory. The same wine that went into meat. So to say, give sincerity :) Joke.

In three hours we are returning. Go to the next step. The first phase of hot cooking. We open, admire, inhale. The flavors are incomparable! The color of the wine became a little smoky.

Prepare what we will put the meat in the oven very preheated for half an hour. I have a grill and a stand from a small baking sheet, on the bottom of which you can lay a foil or parchment, so that the juices flowing easily later with a parchment foil.

We take out the meat from the marinade, whisk off all the pieces adhered from it (onions, etc.). And first we put them on the grate above the sink, let the excess moisture drain. You can flip a couple of times to help the process. In the meantime, heat the oven to the highest possible temperature. I have it 260 ° C.

The meat is dried out in the air, laid on a wire rack over a baking sheet. Here it is important to whisper the words cherished :) Take a look. Sniff ... And preheated in the oven. Total time - 30 minutes. During this time, a couple of times you need to get it, turn it over and back into the oven. You can add a little grill on top to add about 5 minutes. The essence of this step is to "seal" the meat, all the accumulated juices in the marinade and its own so that they remain further inside each meat piece. It can be seen that parchment foil at the bottom of the pan is useful, juices run during frying.

Once turned upside down. Then they put in full face so that the ends were also baked.

Meanwhile, we prepared a second large lemon, sugar, salt, pepper, wine. For the second call to the marinade. But already "sealed" meat in the oven.

Well, here, in about 30 minutes it will be somehow so fried.

Half the onion and everything that was pickled there at the beginning, was taken out of the saucepan into a plate.

The meat directly from the oven immediately, while still hot, was placed in a pan on the marinade, all in the same pan with the same marinade in which it was already. For each piece of meat - sugar, salt, peppercorns (there is no need to crush). Do not regret in sufficient quantities.

And for each piece of meat a slice of lemon was squeezed out well. This time, the lemon skins themselves, after extrusion, are marinated. Back spread the second half of the onion, which was previously extracted from the marinade. The wines were slightly added, so that again everything was covered a little. It was simply soaked into pieces of meat earlier and then melted in the oven, so you need to make up slightly.

They crushed everything well. They closed the lid and let it stand. But this is already in the refrigerator, hours 2-3-4. We'll see how it goes. If you started early in the morning, then everything until now by 3 o’clock will come out. So to the last stage in the night. But the most reasonable thing is to leave it like that in the refrigerator for the night. Saturday to Sunday.

When we returned ... Let's repeat the step with the oven. Let it drain excess moisture, put it on the grill above the stand with a lined foil or parchment - and in the pre-heated oven for 20–25 minutes.

And now the meat is ready for the penultimate stage - languishing in a water bath.

We take a double folded large piece of foil, a little onion mixture from the marinade to the bottom to create an air cushion from the bottom of the pan, well, and aromas for languishing.

We put and place a piece of meat on this pillow.

And bend the corners up, tightly turn up at the top.

So do with every piece. Here I have the foil over. But there were baking bags at hand. So go too. For reliability, he previously laid the parchment, although they went further without it.

It’s clear that if the baking bag was wrapped up, they tied it up with a piece of the same bag into a ribbon turned. So, in general, all the pieces of meat were packed.

They threw out the remains of the marinade, washed the saucepan, poured a little water into it. All pieces of meat in bags laid tightly in a pan on the water. Be careful that the tops of the bags stick out above the water! If necessary, a little water was added. The lid was also closed on fire. As it began to boil, so it was on the smallest, but not a “bouillon” simply, but to boil, though not very much. And so for two hours, two, and 40 minutes, let it languish in a water bath.

We approach the last stage. Turned off the fire under the water bath. We got all the bags of meat on a plate. Each packet was cut off with a pair of scissors, unfolded and given a piece of meat to exhale a little. But do not let cool and dry. Start sprinkling and packaging immediately for cold ripening.

Put a piece on a wooden board. Sprinkle on all sides and lightly rub in what is prepared for this particular piece. Here, for example, dried basil. As the sprinkle clings to the surface of the meat, immediately wrap it tightly in parchment, do not spare paper, in several layers-turns. Tight-tight.

The first one is ready :) Signed. Remember, time is inexorable, but human memory is not :)

Take another piece. His, for example, paprika ...

For the third - black pepper crushed peas-rubbed. Fragrance ... Roll the third in pepper.

Well, and the last for today, the last. Hops sunnil caught my eye. Also good.

So all the pieces were rolled in whatever the heart desires, rolled into parchment tightly, signed. We admired it. Michelangelo, for a second :) And ripen in the fridge. Until tomorrow morning :)

And here it is - Monday morning (if you started on Saturday). Deployed. The view at first is not very impressive. Although fragrances already make it clear - now-now. Cutting ...

Just keep quiet. Take a closer look. We take a breath. Or maybe we’ll sigh :)

Each piece is like a separate “oil painting”.

Finally ... If for breakfast and with your kids to school, to work for your loved ones for a snack, guests-friends on the table, for a day or two on a camping trip, then that’s how it is “painted”. That is, if the finished product is stored in a cool place (in the refrigerator), then a week or two with such cooking is the thing, and everything will be fine. If you’ve decided to take such a cool meat with you wherever you go - on a train, on a trip, then the advice is simple - reduce the shredder, especially to minimize sweet pepper and garlic (leave carrots and lard and not regret it), but more acid when pickling - increase lemons two-three times, and even better - add vinegar. We remember the primordial “Yamshchitsky beef” :) And the fact that in the pictures and this fairy tale has been tested by time and experience will become one more dish in your home kitchen :) Sincerely.


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